Are you a parent? Need time off?

Create a babysitting circle just for your friends

Private babysitting circles

Your circles are for your friends. No one else has access. We also don't require any details about your children. All we need is basic information about you so you can log in and friends can find you.

More money in the bank

Why pay for a babysitter? Friends babysitting for each other is not only free but your kids also know who is looking after them which gives you peace of mind.

Tokens keep the peace

You start with 20 tokens. For every hour you babysit you earn 1 token. For every hour a friend babysits for you, you are deducted 1 token. Using tokens ensures that everyone does their fair share - no tokens, no time off!

Time Off Tokens keeps track of all the babystitting dates for you and your friends. Less admin, more time off for you!